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jelena karleusa is my main inspiration in life right now. this is only the tip of the iceberg for her career, she's been #killingit in serbia for decades. these videos are just a starter platter of some my faves. the club scenes in the first one are from a club in heaven or something lol. jelena also accused kim kardashian of jacking her style, props to her for trying to take down the queen! jelena's nickname is also JK, which i love!!!!! #JK #JK #JK



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locomia is driving me loco!!! they are hilarious!!! i don't understand the whole massive shoulders situation but i am LOVING IT. i've seen lots and lots of boybands but this has to be hands down the most flamboyant boyband in history. they seem to have been really popular in their prime. also i am livingggggg for their seriously gorgeous intricate fanwork. i think their live performance of 'obsessive' is my favorite. the robot voice interludes just get me.



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this video is just sooooooo fashion!!! kelly llorena is a luxurious biotch and has an army of cyborg fashionistas doing aggressive clubber choreography while helping her shop. how cute i want that too!! also love the impromptu lingerie/tutu fashion show that her girls perform while she drinks champagne. the level of chic in this video is OFF THE CHARTS!