a pumpthatjam reader pointed me in the direction of icy spicy leoncie, an icelandic musical powerhouse with impeccable fashion sense. i've never quite heard anyone sing like leoncie. or seen anyone move quite like leoncie. 'man! let's have fun' is a video that shows leoncie in many different wigs and outfits in front of many different backgrounds. amazing. 'killer in the park' is an ode to, you guessed it, a killer in the park. this video features a very snazzy leoncie dressed as a cop in a plastic uniform. and she talks about scotland yard a lot. 'invisible girl' has leoncie flying on a magic carpet over foreign lands while wearing a tiny tube top. here's her description of 'invisible girl' from youtube: "AN EMPOWERING SONG WITH GREAT LYRICS,AND GREAT MUSIC. NOTHING LIKE A SUPERHEROINE TO LIFT SPIRITS. WIZARD LEONCIE IS JUST-ONE-OF-A-KIND ON HER FLYING INDIAN MAGIC CARPET." oh leoncie.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for listening to me again! :)
She rocks, and by the way, did you know she once auditioned for X-Factor.

Paula (Abdul) was a guest judge in that episode, and she seemed to like it! xD

You might find it on YouTube :p

hayley said...

I didn't know that! I wanna see her audition i bet it's hilarious

dani d. said...

i love how she slurs all her words together. so sensual.

"i don't reallicare if you drive a limmzine.. .it doesn't rrlllmatter if you drive aferrri..."

hayley said...

youre right she totally says aferri instead of ferrari hahahaha