a lot of people are not aware of the olsen twins' illustrious career as a musical group. and since their song 'i am the cute one' has been stuck in my head all day i figured i would do a post about it to enlighten the masses. they got one crazy wardrobe in that video, with a lotta bucket hats and oversized jackets and fabric flowers. im diggin the huge side braid and their harmonizing at the two peas in a pod part of the song. the second video is for a lesser known attempt at the rap genre called 'the noise about boys.' it freaks me out that they are rapping in a bathroom in matching black fancy spaghetti strap dresses with matching chokers and weird heels. and the weirdness continues with clips of them from their videogame 'dance party of the century.'  the hip-hop dance clip is hypnotizing.


The Thick Repeater said...

Wow. Absolutely weird. Was the cute one song a sideline during their Full House days?

hayley said...

yeah, they had a lot of songs and did a lot of movies too, like 'double double toil and trouble'. and they had a video series where they were detectives who would 'solve any crime by dinnertime.'