i die when i watch LA BOYZ videos. i watch a lot of really bad music videos, but for some reason their horrible rhymes and hilarious accent just make me lose it. the best line ever is in the song 'jump' at 4:10 - 'super good looks, super like a man, super cool, super fit, super fast, super slick, super in tennis ball, super in basketball, super in management, super intelligent.' excuse me, super in TENNIS BALL? super in MANAGEMENT? this is not real. 'go posse' features more colorblocking and thugged out choreographed dance moves on the basketball court. the video for 'ya' takes classical music to a whole notha level. the lyrics are so dumb and the subtitles somehow heighten the brain-numbing stupidity. 'pure energy' has a phat beat and some very womanly singing interludes.

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