danish singer whigfield's biggest hit was 'saturday night,' and the video is so stupid and simple that it's awesome! love the braids all over her head, she is gonna have some kick ass waves in her hair when she takes them out. i feel like bringing that look back. 'big time' involves pushing a shopping cart in the middle of the desert and a little talking interlude with a blonde wig. she also looks a lot like jenny from ace of base in that video. her cover of 'last christmas' is europoplicious and features a nose ring and a santa without a beard.


videotime said...

HAHAHA fucking whigfield, the soundtrack to all my first sexual encounters!

hayley said...

interesting soundtrack! i had never heard of whigfield but now she is added to my life soundtrack.

Was There Then said...

Doesn't much how much people have a go at 'Saturday Night', I think it's still totally amazing.